How Our Play-to-Earn Mechanics Work

When re-mastering Spellfire, we wanted our play-to-earn systems to be as frictionless as possible for our players. Regardless of the size of a player's collection, or skill level, we have ensured that there is always a possibility to earn playing Spellfire.

There are three basic ways for our players to engage with our Play-to-Earn features.

1. Purchase Original NFT cards

Original NFT cards are numbered and sorted by rarity. Legendary cards are rarest and there will only ever be one copy with one owner. Players who purchase Original NFT cards will receive 90% of the profit from each subsequent sale of their card as a Playing NFT card.

For example, a Legendary Original NFT card is issued 1000 copies, which are sold as Playing NFT cards. When someone purchases a copy, the owner of the Original NFT Card will receive 90% of the profit (some fees may apply).

2. Earn $SPELLFIRE Tokens Through Gameplay

Most of our players will own Playing NFT Cards. These will not earn the owner any “profit share” or anything of the sort, but they can earn a significant amount of our utility token - $SPELLFIRE Tokens.

When battling, all cards in play gain experience and earn $SPELLFIRE Tokens. The tokens can then be used to upgrade cards, increasing their power level, and their value.

Experience and $SPELLFIRE Tokens are gained by: Starting, completing, and winning battles. Additional Tokens can be gained for: Instant kills/discards and survived discards.

The game can also be played using non-NFT cards. Once a non-NFT has been upgraded to level 4, it becomes a Playing NFT Card, and gives the owner the ability to use the Play-2-Earn system.

3. Trading Cards and Tokens

Cards that have been upgraded with $SPELLFIRE Tokens can be traded with other players. They can buy new cards with their earnings, or simply sell them on a digital-asset marketplace for a potential profit.

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