Spellfire's Gameplay

Spellfire is designed to be played by two or more players. Its flexible rules mean that it can easily accommodate any number of rules without problem. As with all collectible card games, players build their own decks of cards. These cards possess a fantastic array of powers, which in some cases can break or alter the rules, this allows for unexpected events to occur mid-game, ensuring that a player in a losing position always has a chance of victory within reach.

The goal is simple. Players must build an empire by drawing cards from their decks and placing them on the playspace. Cards from opposing decks are never mixed.

Whilst building their own empires, each player must try to destroy the realms that their opponent is using to form their empire. Realms represent areas that are loyal to each player, and are the focus of attack and defence by champions.

There are seven types of champion, clerics, heroes, monsters, wizards, psionicists, thieves and regents. Players can strengthen them by using support cards consisting of Allies, events, spells, psionic powers, thief skills, blood abilities, magical items, and artifacts.

If an attack is successful a realm is ‘razed’, and its defending champion is defeated. A game ends when one player has six realms in play, and none of them are razed.

As with any game, fun is the goal! As players become more experienced, they can try their hand at competitive play.

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