Interactive NFTs

Our first-of-their-kind interactive NFT cards ensure we are wholly unique in the CCG space. We have developed three kinds of interaction, each bringing something exciting to the table for Spellfire’s established community and creating unique points of interest for those new to the game.

Augmented-Reality cards bring the experience of childhood wonder back to Spellfire, by truly bringing the game to life. The simple act of scanning the QR code found on the reverse of each card offers players an innovative new way for them to interact with their opponents. Rather than attacking a player's deck, each AR card is designed to disturb the opponent themselves by flying around or landing attacks, interrupting their gameplan.

Voice-controlled cards enable our aspiring Wizards to speak their moves into existence. Certain cards have the option to ‘Cast a spell’ or ‘Pray’ within the app, these activate a player's microphone, which then displays a beautifully rendered cast animation once the spell or prayer has been performed.

Gesture-controlled cards have been introduced to increase immersion for players that are rune casting. When a player selects ‘Cast a rune’ from the app, players will be asked to draw the symbol of the rune they wish to cast on their screen, which if done correctly will perform its animation on the screen.

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