Target Audience

Spellfire has enjoyed a huge community of players since its inception in the early ‘90s. Various community groups can still be found across the world, supporting different languages, rule-sets, and custom cards. They remain fully engaged to this day, and form a large group of players eagerly anticipating the return of their beloved game.

Whilst we aim to please this faithful community of long-term players, with Spellfire Re-Master the Magic we believe that there is a huge pool of untapped potential. We have broken down the barriers that have, in the past, prevented certain demographics from getting involved by developing our iOS and Android app. This will introduce us to a whole new world of players, bringing with it an ease of play far beyond what has come before.

Spellfire is no longer confined to tabletops across the world! It is now a game that can bridge the gap between generations of gamers. A tabletop player's skills will be fully transferable to our PC and Mobile versions allowing them to compete with a younger generation of players well-versed in online gaming.

Leading up to and upon launch, we expect to be welcoming:

• Classic tabletop CCG players;

• NFT & Card Collectors;

• Online Gamers;

• Crypto enthusiasts.

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