2016-2021 - Maturing the idea of resurrecting the Spellfire game. Trademark re-registering (2019), domain purchasing. Starting to re-create the Magical world of Spellfire.
2021 Jul - Implementing the blockchain + Play-To-Earn mechanics.
2021 Aug - Starting the Investment capital raise for a large scale user expansion
2021 Sep - Ethereum - based NFT pre-sale
2021 Nov - Finalizing the cap table, leading investor - Daomaker. Start of huge scale international media campaign, clients acquisition.
2021 Dec - TGE - $SPELLFIRE token and NFT launching. Community growing.
2022 Q2 - Digital Alpha version. Physical game is ready to play, running a play-test.
2022 Q3 - Digital Beta version.
2022 Q4 - Full digital version + user friendly mobile App.
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