The Future

In order to bring Spellfire back to life, we have built a game that holds deep reverence for the original but has its own unique identity, gameplay mechanics, and lore.

Spellfire Re-Master the Magic picks up where the original left off by incorporating modern design sensibilities into its gameplay, using modern blockchain technologies, highly-collectible NFT cards, and Play-to-Earn features. Introducing these features means that our players will be able to own a part of the game whilst earning at the same time, increasing their overall engagement.

We have chosen to diverge from typical NFT card games in several key ways. Our players will be able to touch, play, trade, and earn with their collection!

Firstly, our players will have the option to own both digital and physical cards. Both types of card are linked by a unique QR code for each card, ensuring that they can’t be faked and are playable on tabletops and tablets alike.

Spellfire is now more immersive and interactive than ever before with the introduction of Augmented-Reality, voice controlled, and gesture controlled cards. Players will be able to see the effects of their cards play out right before their eyes!

Finally, our players can earn, regardless of their skill level, by collecting ‘Original NFT’ cards, earning our in-game currency through gameplay, and trading their most sought after cards with other players in the community.

Our new app designed from the ground up for iOS and Android, brings together Spellfire’s one-of-a-kind mix of digital and real-world cards, and NFT-based ownership into a single cohesive experience.

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