Why Blockchain and NFTs Work for Spellfire

Spellfire’s players will be building decks of cards that are used in strategic battles against their opponents. As such, they will quickly be acquiring valuable digital assets (NFT cards).

Previously, in-game assets whether they be cards, character, or avatar skins were locked into each game's internal marketplace. Players do not really own any of their in-game assets.

Blockchain technology enables our players to turn their NFT cards into something that they can claim real ownership over, with real-world value. They can be traded or sold on any digital-asset marketplace with ownership of each asset secured and recorded on the blockchain.

For Spellfire we decided that in order to provide our community the best possible experience, we would base our in-game currency SPELLFIRE Tokens on Ethereum and bridge them to Polygon.

NFT cards will be minted in a multichain model to make them available across Solana, BSC and Ethereum. This is key to meeting our communities expectations.

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