$SPELLFIRE Token Utility

$SPELLFIRE is the core utility token of our games ecosystem.

We plan to launch our own platform for buying and selling Spellfire NFTs upon its launch, which will initially consist of avatar skins.

Currently, our NFT cards are offered through Opensea, but after launch, they will be available exclusively through our own marketplace. All payments will be handled with $SPELLFIRETokens.

$SPELLFIRE Tokens can also be used to:

Buy access and tickets to tournaments and events.

Distribute prizes for our World Championships, and other future tournaments.

Offer rewards and incentives for our communities' most active members. Eg. Streamers and key influencers.

Staking for stability rewards.

Issue in-game rewards for both Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn players.

3D avatar customization, e.g. animations, clothes, facial expressions etc.

Card skins.

Player avatars.

Ensure increased loot drops for $SPELLFIRE Token holders.

Our final $SPELLFIRE Token innovation is to offer players the chance to put their NFT cards and Tokens at risk. Players can take up the challenge of competing against highly skilled AI in order to test their ability and if victorious, earn even more $SPELLFIRE back in return!

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