The Past

Created by TSR, 1994’s Spellfire: Master the Magic was the second CCG to be released, just one year after Wizards of the Coast’s Magic: The Gathering. Spellfire’s take on fantasy-themed card games was a success, and the game was well-received by critics and fans alike.

Both games were beloved by the burgeoning CCG community giving rise to legions of new fans upon the release of each new expansion. If fans of CCGs are one thing, it’s passionate. They immerse themselves into the worlds these games create, becoming avid collectors of both the cards and any other game-related items they can find.

After several studio acquisitions, TSR was sold to Wizards of the Coast who were then acquired by Hasbro. Despite initial promises to continue supporting both games, Spellfire's original team was scattered, and after a failed re-boot attempt, the development of the game ceased. Sadly, the Spellfire community had no choice but to watch the game they loved slowly vanish from store shelves.

Despite this, Spellfire's huge community of players has managed to keep the game alive to this day. It only takes a brief look at the numerous fan-created card decks, community websites, and tournaments that are still running to understand what a tight-knit group of fans the game has.

The game's copyright was eventually abandoned in 2006 and left to the fans to pick up the pieces.

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