Long-Term engagement

We are fortunate that Spellfire has already proven itself to be able to stand the test of time. As a fan-driven project, we wish to have an open and honest dialogue open with our community. Happy community makes a healthy game and we plan to shape future updates based on the feedback we receive.

Growing importance of Play-to-Earn features in the current gaming landscape and the addition to a fantastically fun CCG will keep our community engaged long-term.

Spellfire has designed the Play-to-Earn systems to be as frictionless as possible. We have reduced the barrier to entry further by enabling players using ‘non-NFT’ cards the opportunity to upgrade them to ‘Playing NFT’ cards by earning $SPELLFIRE Tokens through continued play. As players participate in battles their cards will earn experience, strengthening their champions, spells, and realms. There will always be something for our players to work towards!

Tournaments have remained popular throughout Spellfire’s initial lifespan, and we plan to continue this community tradition by ensuring there is a competitive element to our game. 128,000,000 $SPELLFIRE Tokens will be made available for distribution to our community through tournament play, special editions, and in-game achievements.

Finally, for the creatives among our community, we will allow them to play a continued role in the expansion of the game by allowing player-created character submissions. Players will be able to create unique characters with their own spells, skills, and powers. Our game masters will check if they are balanced and suitable for the mechanics of the game, and if this is the case, the character will be sent to our designers, who will draw the design and add the card into Spellfire’s world!

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