Phases of Gameplay

Phases of Gameplay

Spellfire’s gameplay is the reason it has stood the test of time. A game is played in seven phases and must be closely followed by all players. Certain phases (1, 5, & 6) are essential, and others (0, 2, 3, & 4) can be skipped depending on the playstyle of a player.

Phase 0 - Rule card play

Any actions performed before a player's turn begins. For example, certain cards have the ability to sneak up and destroy others before the first turn is taken.

Phase 1 - Draw three cards from the draw pile

Depending on the cards the player has, they may draw additional cards every turn. If there is no other phase specified, all cards that grant extra cards do so in this phase.

Phase 2 - Play a realm, holding, or dungeon

Even if a player has more in his hand, he can only play one of each. Steps A, B & C may take place in any order

A) Play, Rebuild or Replace - There is only one option that you may select. Once a realm is played, the player cannot rebuild another realm in the same turn.

B) Play your Holding - A holding can only be attached to a realm in the same world (Logos on the cards must match). Holdings cannot be rearranged once attached. It is possible to add a holding to a realm other than the one just played or rebuilt.

C) Play your Dungeon card - You must place the dungeon below any realm in your formation. Its effect is immediate.

Phase 3 - Cards are played into the pool and powers are used

Place any number of champions, artifacts, and magical items into the pool. Players must keep in mind that magical items and artifacts attached to champions cannot be rearranged. It is possible to attach only one artifact to a champion from the same world (Logos on the cards must match). Multiple magical items can be attached to any champion.

During this phase, players can continue to equip champions with magical items. Make use of any phase 3 spell, psionic power, blood ability, or thief skill. There must be one champion among the pool who can use the spell, power, ability, or skill. It is possible for other players to negate the cards you are trying to play.

Phase 4 - Attack one opponent's realm

Unless a card's power allows it, the attacker cannot change the realm of his attack once it's chosen. A player can choose from either their hand or pool of champions for the attack.

Phase 5 - Adjust hand size

Players cannot place champions in their pool, attach magical items, artifacts or perform other actions normally associated with phase 3 at this time unless they were obtained as rewards for victory.

A) In phase 5, you may play 5th phase cards. The card cannot be used unless there is a champion which can use that card. Usable phases are written at the end of some cards' descriptions.

B) Players must discard cards from their hand until the maximum hand size has been reached. There is a chance that some card powers might let you keep more cards.

Phase 6 - End of Turn

This turn is now over, and play proceeds to the player on the left.

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